Baird Capital announced today that it has invested in Upfront Healthcare (“Upfront”), a leading omnichannel communication and patient engagement platform based in Chicago, Ill.

Founded in 2016, Upfront has built a foundational platform designed to grow with health system clients and their ever-changing needs. The company provides extensible patient solutions that continuously guide and motivate all patients to complete necessary care at the most appropriate site or with the most applicable service. Upfront engages patients across multiple channels, presenting personalized, curated content and culturally relevant information.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Upfront’s talented team to help drive the company’s continued growth and impact on care delivery and patient outcomes for its clients,” said Jim Pavlik, Partner with Baird Capital. “The combination of Upfront’s deep industry expertise and robust platform capabilities is critical and timely as health systems increasingly adopt digital solutions to better navigate the complex and rapidly changing care ecosystem for their patients.” 

For more information, please read Upfront’s news release.