In a recent roundtable conversation with Real Deals, Baird Capital's James Benfield and Andy Dyer discuss the organic growth success demonstrated by Collingwood, a former Baird Capital portfolio company.

Dyer said, "When you invest in privately owned business, it is natural for the staff to be apprehensive, not knowing what changes will happen and how it will impact them personally. As a result, we spend a lot of time and resources focusing on employee communication and engagement. With Collingwood, we instigated twice-yearly employee engagement surveys, helped with team-building events, and encouraged the CEO to focus on more frequent employee communications through town hall meetings and newsletters. We also focused on ensuring it was a great place to go and work every day through initiatives such as improving the kitchen/common areas, and investing in the R&D test lab to make a productive working environment."

Added Benfield, "A big part of the story behind Collingwood was not only improving management, but it also involved empowering the team and energising the whole of the employee base."

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