Learning Services, A Collage Rehabilitation Partner, today announced that Restore Health Group has been added to its continuum. The Atlanta-based program will assume the Learning Services brand name immediately. 

Restore Health Group is known for its expertise with neurobehavioral patients. Today's news indicates the ability to expand current clinical capabilities in Georgia, adding Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation and Supported Living Services to its offerings. The Collage Executive and Learning Services Management teams will be working with the program's leadership to ensure a smooth transition for the clients and their families and support staff as they move forward under its new brand.

Merged in August of 2020 and then rebranded in October of 2021, Collage Rehabilitation Partners brought together two world-class organizations, ReMed and Learning Services, creating a national and growing continuum of post-acute neurorehabilitation services. Collage is a for-profit organization with program locations in California, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah. Since 1984, Collage has provided neurobehavioral, rehabilitation and supported living services in residential, outpatient, and home and community settings.  

Learn more about the announcement here.