Baird Capital portfolio company cleanwater1 recently announced a new commercial partnership with TriOS (Germany), bringing a suite of proven optical sensor products to the U.S. water and wastewater markets.

“This is a huge step forward for all parties,” said Rob Ospalik, Partner on Baird Capital’s Global Private Equity team. “The partnership with TriOS will help cleanwater1 to continue achieving their goal of being the optimal partner to utilities and industrial customers facing ever-evolving and demanding water quality goals.”

David Stanton, Chief Executive Officer for cleanwater1, added: “Cleanwater1 and TriOS are taking a significant step forward. TriOS’ proven, robust sensors will provide our customers with insights into their operations beyond the capabilities of traditional measurement tools. When combined with proven treatment solutions at cleanwater1, improved measurement will lead to a virtuous outcome, lowering costs while enhancing water quality and protecting the environment.”

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