Baird Capital portfolio company Osano announced today it has completed the acquisition of WireWheel, an enterprise provider of data privacy solutions. WireWheel’s solutions include its privacy assessment tools, built to support data privacy programs at scale with the technical capabilities, customizability and deployment options that enterprise customers require. WireWheel’s capabilities will be fully integrated into the Osano platform.

"This acquisition is high-impact for Osano and WireWheel’s customers because the two companies’ solutions complement one another so well," said Arlo Gilbert, CEO of Osano. "Adding WireWheel’s technology to our platform delivers major advantages for enterprise customers, who will benefit from the scalability, customizability, customer experience and advanced features that address the needs of deploying data privacy programs at scale. The Osano platform will continue to be the easiest to deploy and use. In an industry where too many platforms have, in reality, many disconnected features that are difficult to deploy and use, our platform truly works."

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