Prettl Appliance Systems (PAS )

Prettl Appliance Systems (PAS) - A Baird Capital Historic Strategy

Prettl Appliance Systems Group (PAS) is a supplier to the white goods industry. PAS has its headquarters in Neuruppin, Germany, and operates production sites in Germany, Poland, Turkey, Mexico and the United States.

PAS’ core activity is based on the manufacture of control panel systems for the laundry segment of the white goods market. This entails supplying fully assembled and tested units, comprising of plastic injection molded parts, integrated electronic control units and wire harnesses. To fulfil the OEMs’ requirement of just-in-time delivery, low failure rates and low-cost production, PAS combines production of labor-intensive parts in low-cost countries such as Poland and Mexico and final assembly of the systems in geographic proximity to the OEM.

In addition to its production expertise, the business is involved in the development and engineering of new products in partnership with the OEMs. Due to the shortening product life cycles and the need for Western OEMs to further differentiate themselves from Asian imports, a responsive and capable R&D and industrial engineering team is of great importance to them.

Prettl Appliance Systems (PAS) - A Baird Capital Historic Strategy
Global Private Equity
Invested Date
July 2006